Zoe blog 13

After this trip I’m not so sure I’ve changed that much. I mean I definitely was exposed to a lot of new and incredible things but I still feel Like the same old zoe. I still sing to myself and I still like to dance when no ones looking. But sometimes it hits me now […]

Zoe Blog 12

Most people are extremely poor here except for the few that are rich, there is no middle class. Everybody talks about money all the time because they need it to survive. Even 50 TSH which is equivalent in canadian money to less than a penny, is a lot for some people in the small villages. […]

Zoe Blog 10

Today was even more intense than the last. waking up to squat toilets and cold showers is normal now. We had breakfast and went straight to Cheku village this morning after buying the plants for. We got avocado’s and mangos and so many more plants that will help out these communities. Arriving there was unexpected. […]