This piece was an interactive art piece that it takes our everyday thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves and the world around and puts them into perspective in a self-reflective form. I incorporated this idea of creating a world where we can only hear our own clouded thoughts and ideas in a technological form and put them into a space where the participant is immersed in a new world. By speaking out positivity through our clouded negative thoughts we see ourselves reflecting back on them through a mirrored representation in front of us. This is taking the idea of how we look into our selves and sends back a new reflection.

This is seen as interactive art because according to Erkki Huhtamo (Trouble at the Interface 2.0), interactive art is the critique of the relationship between humans and technology, combined with the medium of art. The technological aspect of the piece is the relationship between the generated negative thoughts that are being played out in the clouded mind and the positive things the participant says out loud to turn them off and light up the cloud piece. The projected words on the newspaper covered mirror and chair structures demonstrate an artistic representation of the influences that the media has on us, adding to the idea of how we formulate these negative thoughts. Our work merged several different forms of art and of all of these together created an interactive experience.