product operations Coordinator

Purpose: Help the company’s cross-functional product team operate as effectively as possible.

Role: Product Operations Coordinator

Timeline: 2 Years

Skills: Product Management, QA, Business Development

Tools: Sketch, Miro, HTML, Javascript, CSS


I was the product operations coordinator at Kinzoo a kid-tech startup that turns family time into screen time in a kid safe messaging app. I was responsible for supporting the product, design, and marketing teams in delivering outstanding user experiences across all Kinzoo platforms.

I also lead operational product updates for exclusive Kinzoo features and activities and proactively identify new user engagement opportunities.

I started as a co-op student for 8 months in 2020 before I was hired on as a part-time contractor.



Since working at Kinzoo I was able to increase efficiency in the execution of features within the products by 70% over the course of two years. 

I was able to do this through my daily tasks of organization, planning, and identifying key opportunities for growth in the company.

Key Features I Worked on

I worked with partners such as NASA and Blue’s Clues to create paths, an interactive story telling tool using automated messages to engage children in stories and learning.  I was a part of everything from the business partnership meetings to the product release and testing of these features.

Blues Clues Path

This feature was called Blue’s Clues & You, where I was in charge of creating structure to the written content provided by the partner and organized the content, came up with the structure for how the content should be presented, tested it and assisted in executing the feature into the product.

NASA Path 

This project was called Amazing Space. This interactive story consisted of weekly facts about space. I was in charge of sourcing the content, organizing the assets and copy, creating it in the specialized builder within Kinzoo, testing it, and finally assisting in releasing and announcing  it to the public and team.  


How product operations played a role into how I managed the graphics was by creating an internal team calendar which I was able to schedule the external and internal graphics into in order to make sure that they would be released in a timely manner. 

This calendar allowed for a bridge between the development team and the design team to keep them on track, making releases more efficient through my organizational skills. 

Internal Tasks and QA’ing

A large part of my role was creating internal guides for the company to be able to understand how to design and execute the different graphic elements that go into the app. This involved a lot of trial and error, evaluation and being able to reflect on each task. 

I also was in charge of the execution process of release of new features in line with testing them on the staging app, and report back to the dev team any issues I found and reporting the code back.


Another part of my role was analyzing and evaluating how each of the assets performed and what could be improved from them. 

Each month I would look over the analytics to see how many users opened, viewed, and shared the assets. From there would accumulate a list of the best performing ones, proceeding with an analysis of what to focus on for next time, what was most successful in the graphic, and which days performed the best.