Zoe blog 13

After this trip I’m not so sure I’ve changed that much. I mean I definitely was exposed to a lot of new and incredible things but I still feel Like the same old zoe. I still sing to myself and I still like to dance when no ones looking.

But sometimes it hits me now and than about how lucky i am. When you see the most shocking things like girls my age cradling their babies or toddlers begging it does have to effect you in some way. It made me reflect on my life and if Im really valuing the right things. New experiences may not change you drastically or right away but i think that over time this trip will teach me something valuable.

My mom taught me so much on this trip. I learnt how to be more compassionate and more caring. I’ve learnt how to deal with high pressure situations and how to communicate without knowing the language. I feel so lucky to have been exposed to the things that most people experience once on a lifetime. I don’t think that I could’ve been any happier going on this adventure with anyone else but my mom. She made it fun and exciting and whenever I got overwhelmed she would comfort me, and The best part is shes always there to give me a big hug.

Even though I don’t feel like I’m different right now Im pretty sure that’s gonna change when I get home and get back into my regular routine. I miss my home and all the things I’m used to. Most of all I miss my daddy. I miss his yummy breakfasts and his funny Jokes. The only thing that was would have this trip that much better was if he was here. In a week ill probably miss tanzania and will want to go back but right now I don’t think that I can’t handle anymore new experiences.