Zoe Blog 10

Today was even more intense than the last. waking up to squat toilets and cold showers is normal now. We had breakfast and went straight to Cheku village this morning after buying the plants for. We got avocado’s and mangos and so many more plants that will help out these communities. Arriving there was unexpected. We got out of the car and the elderly women started to do the usual ritual but this time they had a drum and they were singing. It was beautiful and just a magical experience. A little overwhelming but still exciting. They women started dancing an laughing and cheering which made me happy. After that we went to eat the usual lunch food which consists of Ugali, beans, and a type of vegetable. After lunch tons of people came around and we sat in the shade under a tree as Moshi talked about the water while we digested our food. Then there was a special singer that sang a song that made mommy cry. I loved it so much and it was different from life at home. The song was just things off the top of his head bout the water and the importance but it sounded amazing. Everyone around joined into the song and cheered, clapped and danced. After that we went down to the Well and to the place where the trees are to be planted. Half the village was around and all eyes were on us. The men began to grab shovels and dig deep into the dry earth. It looked like incredibly hard work because the ground is so hard. After that the primary school kids came and I was in charge of the drawing project I brought along. What I did was I told all the kids to get into groups and draw the things that represent there village and the environment they live in. The swarm of kids was stressful. There were around 100 kids from ages 6-12 looking at me and wondering what to do. It made me so nervous and uncomfortable but after a while i got used to it. I did take a while though because I’m not used to having people look at me. after showing the kids what to do I went back to the tree planting site and planted an avocado tree, which really made me want an avocado. The school kids finished and came down to watch all the plants being planted. They started to touch my hair and like poke me which was kind of funny but a little annoying. We took many pictures and gave the donated clothes to the boys group. Back into the car we drove away back to Kondoa town pleased.