Zoe Blog 9

The Second day. To be honest having the villagers surround us at all times gets annoying. They just don’t stop staring directly at you. Feeling their breathes on the back of your head, its like your constantly in a crowd. I can barely move around because I’m scared of stepping on their feet. After waking up in the traditional african house we drove to pretty much the middle of nowhere. Moshi didn’t tell us where we were going until later on so we were really confused.  We walked for something that felt like forever but was really only twenty-minutes until we reached this collection of houses surrounded by a prickly bush used as a fence. I guess to block the animals from coming in because that territory has many lions and hyenas. There were only a few people of the tribe in this arrangement of houses because they keep themselves separate from the others. Each house is roughly three-hundred meters away from each other, which they do so they don’t get their cows mixed up with their neighbours. This tribe that i can’t remember the name of was very similar to the Masai tribe. THey cary spears and sticks for fighting. The men wear a traditional plaid piece of cloth around their shoulders and the women on special occasions wear a cow hide dress thats cut into strips and beaded with yellow, blue, and white. The houses were very interesting, similar to the ones in the other villages we visited but one of the houses had to walls, just a roof. It was crazy how remote the place was. All  you can see is dry land and dead plants. The earth is so dry that it cracks the ground and can dry up whole rivers. I thought that it was pretty funny that all of a sudden Moshi got a phone call. We were in the middle of nowhere and there was phone reception. once we were done we had to trek all the way back up to the car. I collected sand and seeds on the way back. Once we were back it was time to see what we had been waiting for this whole trip, Cheku village and the Well that was built. When we arrived at the well mommy was really happy, and i was too. after all this time the Well was real. I could see many people benefiting from it which made me really happy. I didn’t really have time to process all of it because soon after we went to the village meeting. Now that was an experience. When we arrived the women came to us and threw the salt and water all over like usual. We sat down and around a hundred people stood before us just staring. They village meeting was held under a tree and we sat in plastic chairs in front of a small table. The village chairmen talked first and then Moshi. Everything was said in Swahili so i had no idea what was happening but thankfully Yasinta ( Moshi’s Employee) translated.  He talked about the well and the importance of maintenance as well as the importance of mommy. then it was my turn to speak. We had prepared a few words in the mother tongue to say a couple days before thankfully. After I  recited the words of thanks and greetings I sat down and listened for a while as everyone spoke. Mommy went next and she said very nice things to the community which everyone loved. Abut, Yasinta and Richard said a couple words after and then Moshi talked some more. All of a sudden he told me to say a few words to the people. There were pretty much all adults and it scared me. I had to think fast, so i spoke and Moshi translated and everyone clapped. It made me  happy. After that meeting we were completely exhausted and were so happy to go back to our hotel room. We got some chips and chocolate on the way back, which made me so happy, and it topped off an amazing day full of new crazy experiences.