Finstruments – The Interactive Music Tool

FINSTRUMENTS – The Interactive Music Tool A Tangible Prototype ROLE: Arduino Programmer and Product DesignerTIMELINE: 2 Month Group Academic ProjectSKILLS: Arduino, Circuits, Processing, Product DesignTOOLS: Arduino, Processing Finstruments is an interactive educational tool for children between ages of 4 to 8. We wanted to provide a fun introduction to musical instruments and music theory. The goal of Finstruments is […]

How Do We Empower Young girls?

Being a woman in STEM I was really excited to see a well renowned company such as Mattel take this initiative to promote amazing women. Representation for young girls especially in a product like Barbie was a great way to push something that is beneficially influential. This new initiative that barbie has been taking, instead […]

Is TikTok Connecting Teens?

As a youth worker for the past 8 years running programs for young adults, one recent interaction that has really stuck with me was with a teenage girl named Lily. I have known Lily for a few years, and have watched her grow up as she would come almost every week to my programs. Something […]

Creating a Random Acts of Kindness Dice

This past week I got my hands on an accelerometer sensor and wanted to play around with it to see what I could come up with. I love the idea of spreading positivity and found that testing it out this way would be the most fun. I came up with the idea random acts of […]

Honey Bear – An Interactive Shoe

Testing out Making Wearable Technology for Kids This concept started with the idea that children need physical activity throughout the day. What I have found while managing after-school programs for at-risk youth on the downtown East-Side for the past five years is that physical activity helps to keep many children focused. In today’s society, many […]

Does Minecraft’s gameplay subconsciously affect kids?

Minecraft plays a huge roll in younger kids everyday lives in this current generation. The structure of how the gameplay is set up is fascinating to me because it has so many different levels to it and I believe subconsciously effects how kids view their actions in the real world. I wanted to look in […]